Buddha-Full Juice Bar & Eatery on Urbanspoon

One of my favourite places in North Vancouver for a high intense workout is the famous Grouse Grind! Once you have a high intense workout you don’t want to go to the nearest McDonald’s and grab a Cheeseburger, you want a healthy whole meal! So, i stopped by Buddha-full!

Upon my arrival I saw delicious lunch options to choose from that all looked delicious! Such as cookies, wraps, and burgers! But I am a burger fan so I had to go for the Raw Nut Burger.

The Raw Nut Burger was served with some greens and a delicious tangy sauce for dressing. But let’s get to the good part… THE BURGER!




This burger was wrapped in lettuce, and inside was delicious avocado, alfalfa sprouts, tomato, cucumber and to keep the burger all together they had a carrot as a tooth pick! The patty was very moist and tasty I wish they sold the patties so I could take it home and have one for dinner!

I was there for about an hour just taking in the cafe and boy do they run out of their lunch options quick! But don’t walk out because as soon as they sold out they prepared fresh ones to satisfy those grumbling stomachs.

This was a solid healthy restaurant where I will definitely be back! If you wanna eat here the address is below. Next time I’m trying one of their massive, delicious smoothies!

106 1st St W #101, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1A9
(604) 973-0231


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