Gordon Ramsey Steak

Gordon Ramsay Steak on Urbanspoon

Gordon Ramsey is known for his television personality. So when I had the chance to go to Vegas I HAD to try this restaurant, Gordon Ramsey Steak! This lavish restaurant lived up to my expectations.

When we arrived we were presented with iPads where we could choose from drinks, appetizers, and mains. Our waiter offered his suggestions for the drink menu which was the HK antioxidants.


This delicious drink was flavourful and quite tasty and I loved how they had fresh mint and blueberries!

My favourite thing about restaurants is when they offer bread before dinner. I was pleasantly surprised when we were served with fresh, warm bread! There were 3 types of bread to choose from (pictured, although half eaten).


For my main I ordered the beef wellington, which they cooked medium rare and to perfection! This steak could be cut with a butter knife and the flaky pastry was cooked perfectly.


Of course, when it comes to high end restaurants like this your meal seems to be quite small. However, I found the portion sizes fare and was delightfully stuffed (possibly, because we filled up on the delicious unlimited bread before dinner).

I would have loved to try the desserts they had to offer! But we came to this restaurant for my birthday so my mom had ordered a cake!

My only complaint about this restaurant is that if you are in a rush to see a show I would not eat here. There were 8 of us who did eat here that night, but we were there for a good 2-3 hours.

This restaurant can be food at the Paris Hotel and I would suggest you make a reservation!



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