Gina’s Mexican Cafe

Hola amigos! While over on the island I checked out a couple restaurants one being, Gina’s Mexican Cafe. Because when you think of Nanaimo you obviously think of Mexican food! Okay… so maybe you don’t… But nonetheless we went to go check this restaurant out!

This florescent pink house you cannot miss! You could probably see it all the way from Vancouver. It is very festive with mexican looking decoration and is definitely an eye catcher. But don’t let this building fool you on the outside because the food is delicious here!

We were first greeted with chips and salsa (personally this is my favourite part of mexican food). The chips weren’t super crunchy and tasted a little stale, but the salsa was very good. It had nice flavour, but wasn’t spicy. There were little bits of carrots mixed in with the salsa which made it different from all the other mexican salsas you have.


For the entree we ordered the Halibut Fish tacos and the Sierra plate. They were both served with corn, rice, and beans which were all very nice. The halibut fish tacos were very fresh! The halibut was nice and flaky with fresh ingredients like tomato onion and lettuce and had a chipotle sauce with it. The Sierra bowl was my personal favourite. It came with a shredded chicken enchilada and a jalepeno pepper stuffed with cream cheese. The enchilada was delicious! The chicken was moist and flavourful, and the jalepeno pepper was just a bit spicy and the cream cheese in it was very good and not overpowering or sickening (it reminded me of a jalepeno popper without the deep fried bread crumbs. YUM!). The photos do not do the meal justice as the pictures don’t look super appetizing… But that is because they bake the plate and food upon serving (as my plate was hot)



The food wasn’t super authentic mexican, but I would recommend this place and be back for sure!

Gina's Mexican Cafe on Urbanspoon



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